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Woodstax Natural Alder

Woodstax Natural Alder

Grain Type
Thickness Available

Latin Name: Alnus SPP

Alternative Name: N/A

Minimum Order Quantity: Please Enquire

Price Range: £££

Lead Time: Please Enquire

Additional Information: Woodstax panels are hand-made using the remaining cuttings after a trunk has been cut and processed. These cuttings would otherwise been discarded so this innovative process improves the product’s environmental footprint. Being hand-made, no two Woodstax panels are the same so you will get a totally unique piece of wall art for your residence or office. These unspoilt elements create an alluring visual effect and bring nature into the heart of your design project. The wood is raw and untreated so retains its original, natural appearance. The bark has been removed to ensure no pest breeding areas. In accordance with Mundy Veneer’s sourcing practices, Woodstax come from sustainably harvested forests and are free from insecticides and contaminants.


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