What is a Bundle?

It can be hard to visualise how a log is sliced and turned into a clipped bundle for sale and it can be tricky for our Sales team to explain this over the phone without a visual aid. Below we have broken this down and provided images to help you see how bundles are produced.

A 'bundle' is a number of consecutive veneer leaves which have been sliced directly from the log and grouped into packs of between 16-32 leaves of veneer.

For a natural and Tabu Pre-dyed natural veneer the length, width and m² quantity contained within a bundle depends entirely on the species of wood. For example, Oak veneer is generally available in lengths of approx. 250cm to 320cm whereas Oak Burr veneer, which is taken only from the Burr of the Oak tree, comes in pieces averaging 40cm² to 50cm². Even within the same species, there can be a great deal of variance as every tree grows to a different height and width.


Below is an image of how a full log is sliced and sectioned into the individual bundles described above. The 'heart' or centre of the log is not used. This section of the log is not only the lifeline for the tree but it is the oldest part and therefore tends to contain a lot of defects that are not desirable or aesthetically pleasing in the sliced veneer.

To assist when you place an order, we will usually ask what lengths you would prefer and will look to pick the veneer as close to your requirements as possible. Please be aware that we are still working within the parameters of the natural wood and what material is available at the point of your order.

We always try to pick "running" bundles when we are advised that the veneer needs to match; for example a run of kitchen cupboards or wall panelling. There will always be variance in the colour and grain even within a tree which is part of the inherent beauty of wood.

We always recommend making sure that you order sufficient veneer so that it can be supplied from the same batch. Multiple orders are likely to be picked from multiple logs or dye batches depending on the length of time between orders. Noticeable variations are likely in this scenario.

If you would like further advice, please do get in touch with our Sales team on 01823 666 175 who are always more than happy to discuss your needs.