Mundy Collections Explained

Mundy Collection

This collection includes the majority of Tabu's 555 range and contains our most popular and desirable veneers. Availability is typically very good and although we will stock many of these which can be delivered in a matter of days, please allow a lead time of between 3-8 weeks.

This collection also incorporates over 100 species of natural veneers which we stock in our warehouse here in Wellington, Somerset.

Bespoke Collection

This collection includes some of the most intricate multilaminar veneers as well as those rarer and difficult to source species. These veneers may be affected by longer lead times and have larger minimum order quantities due to us needing to source these bespoke for your project. If you are interested in these veneers, we would encourage you to call our Sales Team on 01823 666 175 so that we can discuss the availability of these more unique veneers and manage expectations not just at the beginning but throughout your project.

Not Currently in Production

Occasionally there will be shortages of some raw veneers making it difficult to source good quality, sustainable veneers to dye. In these instances, production of these will halt. However, we will always try to provide a close alternative and are more than happy to work with you to suggest options that may be suitable for your project moving forward.

For further information on samples of the veneers within these collections, please contact our Sales Team on 01823 666 175.