Sourcing & Grading Veneer

Since the early 2000s there has been no veneer production within the UK. All the veneer coming into Mundy Veneer has already been produced and sliced by suppliers, mainly in Central European countries and sometimes the US, depending on the species required.

To ensure that the veneer we sell is selected at the grade we require, travelling to procure the right veneer is critical. Being able to source the right log for our customers is a discipline that takes years of practice and involves not just understanding and learning the unique idiosyncrasies of each wood species, but also truly understanding our customers' requirements.


With over 200 different species of natural veneers available in varying grades, we pride ourselves on sourcing the right veneer for your projects. It could be that what you require is outside our usual stock offering, however we are always happy to look at sourcing and selecting the right veneer for you from our various suppliers.

Being able to get hands on with the veneer is key in ensuring our veneer experts can find the right veneer to stock in our warehouse. Feeling and hearing the turning of bundles from one pallet to another is just one way we can identify whether the veneer is of the grade we are happy to sell to our customers. This heavily involved buying process allows us to truly trust the stock we hold in our warehouse and make sure when we find those beautiful logs, we are able to squirrel them away to await your unique project!

Within our warehouse we hold more popular species in larger quantities, such as Teak, Walnut and Oak. These are held in varying grades to cater for a wealth of different projects. For example, we have very plain logs of Teak, giving a true golden effect which is popular and commonly used in the boat and super yacht industry. We also carry material with more line and character, giving the appearance of a more stripy, flowery grain pattern.

With European Oak, one of our most popular species, we have over 15 different variances in thickness and grain with each one having its own characteristics. We have seen the diversity of this species evolve due to customer demand and we feel we have a duty to stock the right selection of this veneer in line with our customers' demands.

There is certainly an art to knowing the industry and each bespoke characteristic of the veneer so we can find the right wood for you!