From Tabu to Mundy

As well as traditional veneer merchants we are also the exclusive distributors for Tabu products in the UK and Ireland. Tabu is a world class Italian veneer mill which specialise in dyeing natural wood veneers in a vast range of colours. They also specialise in manufacturing multilaminar, engineered veneers which offer a uniformity that can be preferable for large scale projects where consistency is desirable. For more information on multilaminar veneers and how they are produced, please see our blog called 'What is Multilaminar Veneer? How is is made?'.

While we stock hundreds of different species and colours in our warehouse here in Somerset, with over 500 veneers in the Tabu range we may not always stock the veneer you require. Therefore, we have a weekly shipment of material directly from the factory in Italy to us here at Mundy Veneer.

We also regularly travel to Italy to hand select veneers to match our requirements as closely as possible. When travelling is not possible, particularly in these unprecedented times, our close relationship ensures the requirements for each order are met using both of our expertise.

There are some instances where large quantities of veneer are needed and therefore we can look to select the raw material prior to dyeing. This allows us to have a higher level of control over the selection of material that is put in for dyeing to ensure we can meet the requirements of your projects as closely as possible.

Mundy and Tabu share strong views about the conservation of our precious environment, both investing in tree planting projects and encouraging forest management and re-afforestation. Our combined knowledge and experience mean we have established a close and professional relationship and together we strive to offer you the best selection of veneers available.