Sustainable Veneer: Protecting the Future

Whilst we have an ongoing commitment to expanding our range of FSC® and PEFC certified veneer, currently insufficient certified veneer is produced to enable us to offer all species and grades as certified. However, lack of certification does not automatically imply lack of sustainability.

To be fully sustainable veneer has to be responsibly sourced and at Mundy Veneer we do not buy veneer from producers that show no willingness to look at any form of forest control. Many of the veneers we stock are North American species where respected forestry controls are in place even though only a small percentage of the veneer is officially accredited. National forest and government sources in these regions show that by responsible management of forest resources an increase of standing timber stock in forests has occurred: wood veneer (unlike most other materials) is a regularly renewable resource.

In the case of American hardwoods, for example, the forests are themselves living proof of sustainability. The US Federal government has seventy years of national forest inventory data to provide ample evidence that the resource is thriving.

Like us, Tabu has strong views about the conservation of our precious environment, investing in tree planting projects and encouraging proper forest management and re-afforestation. Here at Mundy Veneer we are committed to the promotion of the sustainable use of timber worldwide and we are fully accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

Tabu has always invested in state of the art systems for the purification of water used in the production of their veneers and have an on site water treatment works to aid this. Since 2012 the factory has also been equipped with a photovoltaic system, among the largest in their area, to help reduce their C0 emissions.

See our Black Palm and Bamboo pages for alternative sustainable veneers. These options are in fact grasses and therefore are renowned for their rapid re-growth, hence making them a very environmentally sustainable choice.

Where FSC® and PEFC accredited veneers or veneers from managed and sustainable sources are needed we would encourage you to contact a member of our Sales Team on 01823 666 175 to discuss various species that could work for your project whilst achieving the environmental accreditation you require.