Black Palm

Our Palm is Black Palm, botanically Iriartea Deltoidea and there is nothing else quite like it! It is a monocotyledon, a grass, not a wood.

The Palm veneer is instantly recognisable with is contrasting dark colour tones and variation between light and dark within the leaf. It can be used to produce unique and luxurious pieces of joinery and furnishings whilst meeting environmental requirements for a variety of projects. 

The outer and intermediate parts of the trunk, which are thick walled cells with strong fibres, are used to produce a dense veneer that finishes very well with a homogeneous, striking look.

Its sustainable, environmental credentials also helped to earn it the much coveted award for Intelligent Material and Design 2011 at Interzum Design Show. 

Leaves of Black Palm are available in lengths of 250 cm and 310 cm long x 19 cm wide.

Please call our Sales Team for more information on Black Palm or click the link to request a Black Palm sample. For technical recommendations for using Black Palm veneer, please click the link below or discuss with our Sales Team on 01823 666175 or alternatively email where one of our veneer specialists will be more than happy to talk you through the possibilities.

Technical Recommendations for using Black Palm Veneer.