Dyed or Natural Un-Dyed?

Over 80% of our UK stock is natural, un-dyed veneers and with around 120 different species in stock we have one of the largest selections of veneer in Europe. Alongside this, as the UK and Irish distributors of Tabu veneer, there are over 550 different options available from 38 base species. In total this gives our customers over 650 different veneers to select from for their projects!

Within the last few years, both European Oak and American Walnut are the two front runners in our natural un-dyed veneer range. Their popularity comes down to the variation of grain and characteristics available within each species. The character and rustic options have become more desirable in the last couple of years with rough cut, textured veneers also increasing in popularity.

Within our pre-dyed Tabu range, the large African species of Tay (Koto) and Anegre have proved to be the most requested veneers, especially in grey and charcoal tones which continue to be on trend with no sign of this wavering.

The sourcing and selecting of logs for dyeing is an art of which Tabu, with over 100 years of dyeing experience, have learnt and mastered with beautiful outcomes across all of the available species within their range. All veneers that are dyed at Tabu start their life as natural clipped leaves before being dyed to a specific colour tone. The process of dyeing veneer puts extra stress on the wood. Therefore, it is imperative that the veneer selected for this process is of a high quality prior to the dyeing taking place.

Once the best selection of logs is picked for dyeing, the veneer is then through dyed allowing the veneer to remain a consistent colour throughout. This means you can sand the veneer without losing the colour. Using a dyed veneer also allows for a much greater consistency of colour when selected from the same dye batch.

Being able to source and select the right logs of natural veneer is critical for both offering these in their raw un-dyed format and to ensure that they are of a high enough quality to be selected for dyeing.

With over 60 years of industry experience at Mundy Veneer, being able to source and stock our warehouse with the right grade of veneer is critical to ensuring we have the right wood for you. For more information on our selection and grading process see our guide 'Sourcing and Grading Veneer'.