Paper & Backing Veneer

As veneer is usually approximately 0.6mm thick it is fragile. To ensure the veneer’s stability it needs to be pressed onto a substrate such as MDF, chipboard or plywood. Substrates will warp if you only veneer one side thus the need for a backing. The backing is also known as a “balancer” or “compensator”.

We offer 2 types of backings, paper and veneer.

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We stock 2 types of specialist paper, white and kraft, both are FSC Certified.

Paper can be used as an underlay for veneers, particularly for white/light coloured veneers. A white paper is usually used but grey kraft paper can be used too. It acts as a barrier to eliminate lippings from being visible once the face veneer is laid on the substrate (known as "telegraphing" in the trade).

This paper is an ideal surface for painting and can be used on a substrate instead of wood veneer.

Paper can also be used as a balancer for some veneers.

Samples are available for testing suitability. Please contact our Sales Team on 01823 666 175 or alternatively email

White Paper

Weight: 420g/m²
Colour: Ultra White
Min Order Quantity: 1 Roll
Roll Size: 100 Linear Metres x 1250mm
Certification: FSC Mix 100%

Kraft Paper

Weight: 250g/m²
Colour: Grey
Min Order Quantity: 1 Roll
Roll Size: 500 Linear Metres x 1250mm
Certification: FSC Mix 100%

Backing Veneer

When the veneer is pressed onto a substrate it must be compensated or “balanced” on the reverse to produce a flat stable panel. Ideally, the same veneer as the face will be used as they will have the same strength. If backing is not used the lack of “balance” could lead to warping. In addition by adding a layer of glue and a thin sheet of veneer onto one side of the panel, it will absorb and lose moisture at a different rate to the other side, which could also cause warping

Traditionally where the backing veneer will not be visible, a cheaper veneer is used with the same strength as the face veneer.

Our backing veneer is all well produced and subject to the same sustainability criteria as our face veneer, it's just a lower grade or a cheaper species.

We offer many options from Oak, Poplar, Sapele, Makore and Koto to cheaper Burrs and Clusters.

We also stock FSC® 100% peeled Meranti at 0.5mm thick in 8’x 4’ whole sheets and FSC 100% Gaboon in 8’x 4’’ in thicknesses of 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.1mm. To see all our backing options, please visit our veneer page and search for the species you are interested in.

Please call us on 01823 666175 or alternatively email to discuss your requirements.